Questions & Answers

Where does Nottelo keep my data?

All your data is stored locally on your hard drive in the database folder within db files. These folders are different for each OS:

  • Windows - C:/Users/<user>/AppData/Roaming/notello/database/db
  • Mac - ~/Library/Application Support/notello/database/db
  • Linux - ~/home/<user>/.local/notello/database/db

The path for the database can be changed in the config file.

We’re working on sync feature that will backup your database to our server to keep it safe for you. Until it’s done, all your data is stored only on your computer.

How do I get latest updates?

New features and updates will be automatically added to your Nottelo - without interrupting your work.

You don’t need to do anything. Updates are downloaded while you work and applied during application restart. You might apply new updates pressing the update button as well (that will show up in the top bar). No long waiting for updates to be applied, it happens smoothly in the background.

Error "App is not running in the background"

This error indicates that Nottelo application has been turned off or crashed for some reason while stayed opened.

Typically all you have to do is to run Nottelo application again and the page should reload itself. Check out other topics:

  • Nottelo keeps crashing
  • Using local address instead of
Does Nottelo create any backups?

Yes, Nottelo creates up to 7 daily backups. It checks every 30 minutes whether the daily backup has been created and if not so, then creates one.

Backups are created in the backup folder. It contains .tar.gz archive files, each per a day. To restore a database backup, only thing you have to do is this:

  • quit Nottelo app
  • extract latest backup archive
  • paste extracted files to the database folder
  • start Nottelo app