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We're looking for brave souls to make Notello better.

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What is our goal

We're working on the app for information storage and tasks and project management. There are lots of these apps out there but our vision is unique. We would love to create a global app with high value for users, e.g. as Dropbox.

Meet hearts and minds

  • Sebastian

    Designer, co-founder

    Passionate designer and product manager.
    Polishing Notello all day long.

  • Juraj

    Programmer, co-founder

    The technical brain of the app that transforms visions and dreams into the reality.

  • Marián

    Front-end developer

    Marián is coder that makes the user interface better and more powerful every single day.

Our motivation

We always wanted to have an app that will help us manage our everyday lives, keep us focused and to provide the spacious place for our thoughts and visions. And finally, there was no other choice than to create our own.

Who are we looking for

Front-end developer

If you enjoy coding smooth apps and responsive websites, you might be the one. The experience with Angular2 and SCSS would be beneficial but it's not a necessity.

There is still a lot of things to be styled on the desktop app as well as to code new website and internal management systems.

Back-end developer

The desktop app is partially done. The next big task is going to be a server. Write the code, setup up the machine that will manage all background operations and provide an API for all apps.

Brave souls required.

Mobile platforms developer

Your task is to create mobile apps for Android / iOS. The design is almost finished, so let us know when you are ready.

Our apps have to be pixel perfect.

Social sites master

Stay in touch with our potential users, keep them informed and gather all priceless feedback that helps us getting Notello better. Networking among users and developers is totally crucial for our success.

Building up a social network is hard work but it might be fun as well, that depends on your attitude.

What do we offer

We cannot hire you so far but if you are a volunteer seeking for experiences and you want to work on something truly exciting, you might be the right person. Only things we can guarantee are a fantastic reference, fast improvement and valuable experience.

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