Notello's mission is to empower people to create,
manage and share information efficiently in everyday life.

  • Character of a butler

    Notello is designed to be a tool of pure practicality, with purpose to serve, not to entertain or think for the user.

    Made for power-users

    When comes to functionality and the way of work, everything has been designed with needs of power-users in mind.

    Peace of mind

    Work with Notello is meant to be carefree while all user's content being safe, secured and automatically backed up.

    Stress-free zone

    Notello never stress the user with any kind of distractions. The calm and carefree environment helps to focus and create.


    Simple universal tools are nowadays needed more than ever. Notello helps to handle complex and demanding life.

    Standing alone

    Since being fully independent, nothing stands between Notello creators and its users. So we can focus on our own way.

  • The Story of Notello

    Notello was born out of pure necessity. Back then, the group of friends cooperated on various student projects and was looking for a suitable tool for sharing knowledge and effective task management. And since no available tool hasn't been found suitable, two brave souls decided to create their own.

    It was November 2014 and the idea of Notello was born.

    Soon after we began designing and prototyping the tool for our own needs, we realized that everyone needs this tool - they just don't know it yet. The decision was made and the personal project evolved into a business idea. Since then we dedicated our lives primarily to Notello development. It took almost all our free time and energy to build an elegant and sophisticated tool inside out. And we learnt a hell of a lot along the way.

    The decision to have no investors came at a great cost since we have to keep our jobs so things take longer to be done, however, we are certain that the clean focus on the product is gonna be worth it in the long run. Made with huge affection, a nice dose of persistence, sweat and creative spirit, Notello is getting closer and closer to the point, when we want to share it with the world.

    We are so excited to be on the road of building something beautiful, unique, and above all, ultimately useful.

    • Sebastian

      Designer, co-founder

      Passionate designer and product manager.
      Polishing Notello all day long.

    • Juraj

      Programmer, co-founder

      The technical brain of the app that transforms visions and dreams into the reality.

    • Marián

      Front-end developer

      Marián is coder that makes the user interface better and more powerful every single day.

    Do you want to try something challenging?

    People who helped us

    There are many challenges we couldn't face just by ourselves.

    These people helped selflessly to make Notello better.

    • Jan Bittner

      Front-end developer

    • Jindřich Máca

      Programmer, QA

    • Matěj Kripner


    • Petr Vaníček

      System administrator

  • Download press kit

    The package contains vector logotype (pdf), logo and logotype exports (png) in different colors and sizes. Also, some illustrative HD images are included.

    In preparation...