Imagine,^100 plan^200 and manage
all kinds of things^2000

Your digital^50 library^200 for notes, tasks and projects^2000

The perfect place for all
your text content^2000

Stop forgetting things.^600

A free app for tasks, notes and cooperation.

Notes and tasks together

Organize your notes, tasks and projects in one single place.

  • Ideas and visions

    Gather thoughts and ideas to develop your vision.

    Our app resembles a blank sheet of paper.

  • See today's agenda

    Keep a track of things to do.

    Keep focused on important things.

  • Manage all projects

    See instantly what projects are speeding up or slowing down,

    how many people are involved and actual state of things.


Notello features

The most basic ones. See more features.

My tasks

See all your tasks in one place to prioritize and order things to do first or keep them for later.


Handle complexity by dividing your content into smaller parts. Eat an elephant one bite at a time.


Keep the thread of notes and other communication directly under each entry or project.


Wide support of hotkeys and keyboard navigation for fast and comfortable work.


Every task has a simple indicator for you to see right away what stage the task is at.


Divide entries into sections that might represent project stages, or other logical blocks.


A convenient way to keep the structure simple even if you have tons of data to be reached fast.


Tree view

Browse your entries fast and easily and organize them into a hierarchical structure.



The necessary tool will help you divide content into smaller and more relevant parts.


Sync devices

All changes are automatically synchronized across all your devices.



Share your notes, tasks, projects or whole places with your colleagues, family or friends.



Encrypted vault for private information. Nobody won't be able to access the data except yourself.


Notello on devices
Notello on devices

Crafted with love for design

Functional design is key. Outstanding UX together with pleasant appearance is something that you expect from an ideal management system.

Sufficient free space creates light UI suitable for working long hours every day. Every single thing has its purpose.

What makes Notello different

  • Maximum speed

    Because the app runs locally on the desktop, everything is done immediately.

  • Works even offline

    You may work even offline, everything gets synced later automatically.

  • Sophisticated design

    The simple bright functional design will please your eyes and keep you focused.

  • Unlimited amount of content

    Multilevel hierarchy allows you to manage an incredible amount of content.

  • Full hotkey support

    Notello can be fully controlled from the keyboard with all speed and comfort.

  • Never lose control or insight

    Overviews will always keep you informed about how you and your team are doing.

  • Data backed up in the cloud

    When your hard drive is broken or your computer gets stolen, your data will always be safe.

  • All your devices synced

    Keep your notes and tasks always synchronized across all your devices.

  • Share your content

    There is a lot of information, knowledge and ideas to be shared with others.

  • Multiagenda possible

    Manage all your interests, hobbies, jobs, plans, ideas and dreams from one place.

  • Measures & indicators

    Built-in smart measures and indicators will help you understand how all your projects are going.

  • Dates and reminders

    Set recurring due dates with reminders and synchronize them with your calendar.

Notello is not ready yet

We are working hard to release Notello Beta as soon as possible.
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