Questions & Answers

What languages does Nottelo support?

Nottelo supports English only for now.

However the app's interface is going to be translated into multiple languages: German, French, Spanish, Portugese, Czech, Polish, Eussian and maybe some more.

How to set priority to the task

Since it is possible to order each entry (by pressing Ctrl+Up/Down), Nottelo does support to set priorities. However, you might want to use tags instead of label entries that might have the same priority, urgency, scale, etc.

How to get Nottelo synced via Dropbox or other services

Although Nottelo does not support sync yet, you can get your laptops and desktop devices synced via Dropbox or other file sharing service like Google Drive, Box, Mega, etc. This way of synchronization might work for you but keep in mind that this feature is not recommended, has it's security risks and you should test it first at your own risk.

First of all, this kind of synchronization is suitable only if you are not going to use two application at the same time but always just one at the time, exclusively. For example, it's possible to sync your home computer with your work computer if you never use both of them at the same time. Otherwise, your database may get corrupted.

All you have to do is:
  • turn off Nottelo
  • backup database folder somewhere to a safe place
  • move database folder to your Dropbox folder
  • edit settings.conf config file where you change the database path to new location in Dropbox
  • you may run Nottelo now
  • edit config file on the other computer to change the path to the database folder located in Dropbox
  • edit config file where you change the database path to a new location in Dropbox
  • run Nottelo
And you're done. Don't forget to suspend or turn off your computer before you use another one.
How to create / delete / reorder place

To create the place, move your mouse cursor under the last item in left panel where + ADD PLACE will be displayed.

To remove the place, hover over the place to see cogwheel icon under which menu can be found. Via this menu you can reorder or remove the place. Another way to move the place up or down via Ctrl+Up/Down hotkeys when left panel is focused (can be done with Tab+left or Tab+1).

How to create / delete / archive / reorder project

To create the project, move your mouse cursor under last project item in left panel where + ADD PROJECT will be displayed.

You can remove the project in the top menu where you can find both Remove project and Archive projects (if you are standing in some project).

The project can be moved up or down via Ctrl+Up/Down hotkeys when project is focuse in the left panel (which can be done with Tab+left or Tab+1).

How to change a tag color?
So far you can change a tag color by clicking the tag with a right mouse button. The color palette will be available later.
Can I order entries in tag listing?

We're sorry but this function is not available. When you have clicked the tag and you see the list of entries with the certain tag, these entries cannot be reordered.

There are technical reasons for it. Thank you for understanding.